Monday, June 22, 2009

New Place to Shop

Dear Wretched Wednesdays,

Have any of you heard of The Pyramid Collection? I hadn't until they sent me a catalog. I'm not one to advertise, but I'm hooked! They have everything from the whimsical to the wicked. Clothes, jewelry, home items, books, music...I'm in love with almost everything. Especially this dress!

I have nowhere to wear it, but isn't it lovely?

Anywho, just thought some of you might be interested.


5 screams:

Suzanne said...

Do they have an online catalog?

Link Please <3

Cassandra said...

Oh dear! I totally forgot. I'll edit the post to include it.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

That dress is to die for. I'd love to wear that to accompany Mr. Darcy or on a dare, Heathcliff. I'll leave off with some William Blake:
Some are born
to sweet delight
Some are born to
endless night.

Mandy said...

Oh ya! I've been a fan of Pyramid for years! Even if I'm not buying--I love to just look. It's full of fun, romantic, magical goodies!

Pen Pen said...

OMG! I'm SO in love with ur blog! Wednesday is one of my favorite gals EVER! :)

-and that dress is crazy awesome! Did u get the catalog for free? I actually signed up for a few free catalogs today--I love getting them-they're happy mail...not sad mail like bills and such :)