Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Vacation

Creature From The Haunted Sea Poster 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

And I sat in my beach chair and wondered. What about that ending of the Awakening? What if I were to simply walk into the sea? Just breathe in the salt and cease to be?

And then one of the sticky things that calls me mommy said "Mommy?"

And it was with a heavy heart that I realized I would never be free... to walk into the sea.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nether Regions

I can't commune with lesser things than you
the crickets thrum in August's big surprise
and it was all along there in your eyes
the stars that shine too brightly near the moon
the damp and heavy odor gone to soon
The creaking of the floorboards underneath
If overtaking swallows caught by breath
that weren't ever only mine to breathe

Too soon you come collect me from my dreams
it never was so absolutely true
but slipping over mighty slopes of you
my hateful head drawn back and downward pitch
my toes and knees and legs and torso itch
the window open flooding in night sky
it isn't anything but teasing free
your fingers play a song screaming of why