Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nether Regions

I can't commune with lesser things than you
the crickets thrum in August's big surprise
and it was all along there in your eyes
the stars that shine too brightly near the moon
the damp and heavy odor gone to soon
The creaking of the floorboards underneath
If overtaking swallows caught by breath
that weren't ever only mine to breathe

Too soon you come collect me from my dreams
it never was so absolutely true
but slipping over mighty slopes of you
my hateful head drawn back and downward pitch
my toes and knees and legs and torso itch
the window open flooding in night sky
it isn't anything but teasing free
your fingers play a song screaming of why

9 screams:

Cassandra said...


Abby said...

Love your writing, Suzanne!

Mandy said...

Very dark and lovely!

Sarah said...

Love this.

ajgallion said...

I'm sensing a sultry and mod Edgar Allen Poe vibe, here.

Stephanie said...

Hi Suzanne-
Thanks for stopping by my blog and also, maybe I am losing it but I wanted to tell you (if I didn't already) how much I love the name of your blog. My brother used to call my niece, "Wednesday" in her teenage years bc she was well, "Wednesday-ish."
So funny-great to connect in the world of blogging. Best to you on your writing efforts!

glnroz said...

Only from old pine tree philosopher, but i read not the woe of Wednesday's Child but the transposed traits of Friday's child. Indeed.

Jeanette said...

What a fun blog. I love it!

Andrea Cremer said...

I love this blog and have nominated it for the Kreativ blogger award; though I don't know that you'll want to put it up as it doesn't really match the site's aesthetic!