Tuesday, September 15, 2009


skeleton trees
lose grip on leaves
and the sun shines
pale light
darker and darker
the night creeps in
at six o'clock
bringing the manic heart

*Although south Texas is slow at receiving autumn, I can feel it creeping around the corner. I hate to anticipate the moodiness it brings, but dimming light and cooler wind make me a sad girl.

4 screams:

Chandana said...

Nice One Enjoyed it

Elizabeth Bradley said...

That artwork is amazing. The poem too.

Anonymous said...

Skeleton trees, that describes winter, it really does.


heavealie said...

ohh nice description of the oncoming changes in the weather!!maybe one day we could both collaborate and write something creepy!!till den well written and pls bring some ripping apart of hearts and souls and yeah some killing too haha!!keep writing!!