Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Wednesday Sonnet

Wednesday is a day of woe
when flowers bow their heads to cry
and birds cease their singing so
you can hear your own heart sigh

The clouds sink deep into the mind
and the rain keeps crashing on the soul
Wednesday is the day you find
that life is not worth the heavy toll

Wednesday is a day for crying
even if the sun shines bright
because there's really no use trying
when nothing's really worth the fight

So if you're always sad and blue
then Wednesday is the day for you

11 screams:

Suzyhayze said...

Cassandra! Just lovely! I've missed your posts here. My woe is taking up too much space....

Cassandra said...

Today is definitely my day of woe as I am icky and sick! Ugh.

slacker-chick said...

Oh yeah, I've had my days like that -- even on Tuesdays!

Anonymous said...

This really made me smile. What's the use of sorrow and despair if you can't take some sick solace in it??

Nevine said...

Love this woe that's making you write such dark thoughts. Right up my alley!


Anonymous said...

That is very moving and very sad!


justsomethoughts... said...


and that picture is worth...oh....about 6,000 words.

Tabitha Bird said...

Sums up Wednesday really. Wednesday's are always hard for me. And love that picture. So... I don't know. Magnetic? Can't look away, wouldn't know what to say if I was with her... (why would I be with her???)

Heavenly Muse said...

my cousin was born on wednesday....the day has such a such gloomy perspective....
well nice blog

Lyn said...

What a coincidence..I just posted a Wednesday/woe yesterday..born on woe's day..will post each Wed. a chocolate recipe. Just to counteract the woe myth! Never have been gloomy.
Love your poem!

heavealie said...

ohh very different from your other blog!!i love dark poems and i thrive on them haha!!i could feel the gloomy Wednesday and i think it affected me too!!i think i will write a dark poem now!!haha.keep writing!!