Saturday, February 13, 2010

When It's over

In a second or a day or fifty years from now, it will be over. Choose your own "it." It doesn't matter. The over part is what's interesting.

Peeled and rotten. A moldering book in a second hand bin. Even fame will wash your real self away. So don't struggle to hold on to all that pride and competition. Let it go.

I like walking through ruined cities. To stand in parking lot places where there was once a thriving night club. It brings the hope down to size.

It reminds me that my thrilling today is someone else's asphalt tomorrow.

I like fizzy champagne like Marilyn Monroe. Who was really Norma Jean... who left herself at the door for her moment of wonder, and didn't look back.

Me too.

5 screams:

Yvonne said...

I like that....she left herself at the door and didn't look back.

I've missed your Wednesday posts, Suzyhayze.

Jarmara Falconer said...

That's amazing! Suzyhayze.

glnroz said...

the asphalt appears before you notice the change.

HÃ¥kan Tendell said...

Historical ruins has a certain attraction to me, but even more attractive are photos of streets and buildings from the past, those facilities now demolished and replaced with new ones. The apartments in which people lived, the boutiques and grocery stores where they shopped, the small offices in which they worked. Gone with the wind (or more likely by excavators and bulldozers).

kanishk said...

That's amazing

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