Saturday, November 21, 2009

See that pretty girl in the mirror there....

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I'll never be tall. I'm five foot nothing.
I'll never be nice. I'm a snarky, judgmental, beastie most of the time.
I'll never be barbie. Is there a mean, nasty, dark barbie? There should be.
I'll always be strong. I'm not one of those willowy short people. I'm round even when thin. I'd be a round anorexic.
I'll always have those tattoos... because .... they are TATTOOS. And I plan more. Oh yes. More.

But there is a desperate part of me that wants to be tall with a boyish figure without scars and markings. Able to wear yoga pants and walk through the Mall tall and proud into any store. I wish sometimes I was softer. softer. softer.

AND THEN..... not so much.

7 screams:

Nevine said...

Can I say something cliche like Totally Awesome? Yahoo! Totally Awesome!


Suzyhayze said...

Nevine: Ummmmmmm I have to say you ROCK! That was the best compliment in so many ways. we get lost sometimes, don't we? In the beauty of the words.... ? Sometimes it's best just to, well, say it as it is. THANK YOU.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

You talk tall. Who wants mushy anyway?

Cassandra said...

Bravo my dear! Even being tall with a boyish figure doesn't always feel like enough. It's always something.

Anonymous said...

I like it that you didn't apologize for anything, just said what ifs! Be your own self, yes.


Escapist said...

Up !!!

slacker-chick said...

I LUV short snarky judgmental people who can't wear yoga pants (and I want to see your tattoos!)